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About Us


Rachel Lampen

Rachel is British and arrived in New Canaan, Connecticut over five years ago. Coming from a corporate background she has lived and breathed the hospitality industry for more than half her life. She is known locally for organizing The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution each year, where kids are encouraged to eat something different and receive a bravery certificate.   

Combining Rachel’s impressive networking skills with Kristen’s ability to translate ideas into something tangible - both are highly creative and driven to succeed.

When Rachel is not working she is in the kitchen or reading cookbooks.

Kristen Mitrakis

Kristen grew up in Austin, Texas. She and Rachel recognized each other as kindred, fun-loving souls in 2014. They now harness their combined creative power to dream up wildly fun treasure hunt parties tailored to your wishes.

Kristen uses her extensive graphic design skills, honed over a 15-year career, to create party props and swag that deliver personality to every party. Ensuring each one is fabulously memorable for the guest of honor and you are forever remembered as the host with the most.

When Kristen is not designing she is being Deborah Harry on stage.